Scheduled Themes for 2018-2019

Competition Dates

September 19, 2018 Shadows & Light


October 17, 2018 Fall - Digital Art


November 14, 2018 Cityscapes


January 16, 2019 Patterns - Digital Art


February 20, 2019 Feelings/Emotions

Leading Lines

March 20, 2019 History/Old


April 17, 2019 Macro - Digital Art


May 15, 2019 Town of Vienna

Reflections in Buildings



Theme Definitions

FALL is the season between summer and winter when the weather becomes cooler, plants start to go dormant, and the foliage bursts into reds, oranges, and yellows. Your image may capture the beginnings of the season, all the color at its peak, or anything in between. The Digital Art designation for this theme means that you may transform your original photos into an exciting new image using apps, filters, and software of your choosing.  In other words, the digital technology you use (apps, filters, software) to alter your photos is an essential part of your creative and presentation process.

ABANDONED has several meanings:   left without needed protections, care or support;  cast off to fall into a state of disuse/disrepair;  no longer thought of (abandoned hopes/dreams);  unrestrained, uninhibited.  

A CITYSCAPE is a pictorial view of a city or section of one. The view can be from high up, at street level and everything in between. It can also be defined as an artistic representation (in our case, using photography) of physical aspects of a city or urban area. People may be included. Post processing should maintain the realism of the image.

A photographer may choose to convey MOVEMENT/MOTION in a photo for a number of reasons.  To name a few: Simply to show something is moving; Motion can create mood; as a way to highlight the subject of the photo; some things just need motion (ie. Dog running) You can experiment with slow shutter speed and a technique called panning to create blurring of some of your image. Or you can freeze motion with high shutter speeds to capture motion (ie. Sports photography). Have fun! For more info, check this link:

Patterns (Digital Art) – Patterns in a photograph are shapes, objects, or colors that repeat.  The can be arranged very orderly, or more randomly.  Patterns are found everywhere from natural to urban environments.  Using patterns in your images adds excitement and interest to your photos.  For more info, see the links below.  This is a Digital Art theme, so you are free to use any apps, filters, software to transform your image beyond the actual photograph.

Landscapes -  A landscape is a section of natural land based scenery as seen from a single viewpoint.  Scenery is the subject. Typically, people and animals are not shown in a landscape, unless they are relatively small and have been included in the image to show scale.  For the purpose of this theme, animals and the hand of man (people and the things constructed by man) are permissible in your image as long as they are very minor elements .  The focus of your image must be the scenery. Post processing should be minimal. Landscapes can range from representational to abstract.  To see different styles of landscapes, go to this link:

History/Old - Your image can be of an old person, place or thing.  Possible subjects include old buildings, structures in good condition or broken down; a portrait of an old person or animal; antique or vintage objects, either in poor or pristine condition;  or a place with historic significance.  Historic significance is a way to evaluate what was important about certain past events, people, ideas, and how they could influence the future. See here for more examples for this theme.

Paths/Pathways - This is more of a travel theme. Your image should literally have a path leading somewhere. People may be included walking on the path in the image or not.


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