PSA Nature Interclub Round 2 Results 2017-2018

Sunday, February 4, 2018

PSA Nature Interclub Round 2 Results:

Judged at Keswick Photographic Society in Keswick, England

“A Soft Pillow” by Joan Axilbund                                                          11 

“Osprey and Prey” by Mary Rabadan                                                   15 Honorable Mention
“Cormorant—A Touch of Blue”  by M. Rabadan                                  10

“Eagle Grab” by  Kathrin Swoboda                                                       15 Award of Merit

“Begging From Dad” by K. Swoboda                                                    14 Honorable Mention

“Thistle Seed Head After Flowering” by  Wayne Wolfersberger           10

The slideshow may be viewed here:    


Total 76 points for 5th place- 4 way tie.  Overall 7th out of 39 clubs.


PSA Open (PID) Round 2 Results 2017-2018

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Results of PSA Open judged at Schaumburg Area Photographic Society in Schaumburg, IL. Congratulations to Joan Axilbund for receiving an Award of Merit!

"Egret Preening"                           Joan Axilbund        12 points Award of Merit

"Stringer of Pearls"                       Mort Friedman         8

"Lucy in Bubbles"                          Nicol Hockett          10

"Hot and Cold".                             David Kepley             9

"Along Brakemans Bend"              John Padbury            8

"Cormorant in Breeding Colors"   Barbara Saffir           10

Total 57 points, standings pending.

The slideshow can be viewed here:


PSA Open (Projected Image Division) Round 1 Results 2017-2018

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Below are the results of the judging that  took place at Palmerstown Camera Club in Dublin, Ireland.

"Tiger Wash" by Lisette Brisebois                         9 points

"Indian Summer" by Kathleen Furey                     7

"Sunflower Monochrome" by John Padbury        7  

"Red Mars" by Lori Saunders                              10

"Ballet in Blue" by Gloria Spellman                     10

"Perfume Bottles" by Kathrin Swoboda                9

Slideshow here:/g/6338f9c1-c4c7-4941-bdf7-9e50a059698a

Total is 52 points for unofficial 20th out of 25 clubs. Please note that this year we have been moved up to the more competitive Group D (from Group E). The scoring was unusually low, even the "best in show" image only received 12 points out of maximum 15.

Results PSA Nature Round 1 2017-2018

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Results of PSA Nature Interclub Round 1

Judged at Grand Rapids Camera Club 


"The Owl Stare” by Barbara Johnson                       9

“Curves” by David Kepley                                        9 

“Cicada Looking at You” by Bill Mugg                   12

“Chipmunk Eating Flower” by Barbara Saffir          11

"A Sheltered Chick” by Kathrin Swoboda               15  Award of Merit

“Begging Bluebird” by Kathrin Swoboda                14  Honorable Mention

Image slideshow can be seen here:


Total 70 points/ 10th place out of 38 clubs with multiple ties.


PSA Interclub Competition 2017-2018: Nature and Open 

Photographic Society of America (PSA) is an organization that offers photographic competitions and activities that span all continents, for both individuals and camera clubs. Vienna Photographic Society has been a PSA club member for many years. As such we are entitled to participate in the PSA Interclub Competitions, which pit clubs from all over the world against one another. Both club honors and individual awards can be achieved. 

This season VPS will participate in Open (or Projected Image Division-PID) and Nature  categories of the PSA Interclub Competition. All VPS members are encouraged to participate. There are several rounds of competition for each category and deadlines will appear on our club calendar. Entry is via the club website at vpsva.org. VPS may only enter six images for each category. To select which pictures to enter in the Open (or PID), members will vote for their favorite submissions. We will enter the pictures with the most votes into the competition. A panel of 3 judges will select the nature images from those entered that will move on to the PSA.

For more information you can check out the PSA website: 

Nature at https://www.psa-photo.org/index.php?divisions-nature-interclub-competition

Open (PID) at https://psa-photo.org/index.php?pid-interclub-competition

IMPORTANT: PSA Nature is reality-based, meaning that nothing can be added or removed from the image except by cropping, and the image must appear natural. Nature images may not have any human elements within the image with rare exceptions. Human elements include buildings, fences, roads, cultivated/ hybrid plants, and domesticated animals.

Kathrin Swoboda, PSA Representative


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