Monthly VPS Themes for 2020-2021

Sept. 16            Nature (Realistic)*

                        Fill the Frame

Nature (Realistic) – Photographic images of outdoor scenes, wild animals, and plants.  Human elements such as people, and things constructed by humans or transformed by human activity (i.e. buildings, fences, plowed fields, an orderly planted garden) are not allowed for this competition.  Post processing should be simple (cropping, contrast, color. contrast and level adjustments, conversion to monochrome, spot removal, and minor cloning to remove trash, power lines, etc. are all okay.) You may not add objects or textures to your original photograph.

Fill the Frame -  The frame refers to the edge of your photograph.  Fill the frame is a composition technique where you move closer to your subject with your feet, with your lens length, or as a last resort, by cropping your photo after you take it.  By moving closer to your subject, you reveal more closeup details and remove distracting background.  You leave your viewer with no doubt about what you want them to focus on.  For more information, see this link:


Oct. 21             Mirrors

                        Bridges (Realistic)*


Nov. 18             Choose a Color or 2



Jan. 20              Abstracts

                        Around the House Inside


Feb. 17             50 ft. from Home

                        B&W Minimalism


Mar. 17            Shadows

                        Photo NOT taken at Eye Level


April 21            Water

                        Insects (Realistic)*


May 19             Town of Vienna (Realistic)*

                        Faces in Nature


*Themes with Realistic designation -  Images submitted to these themes must have limited post processing:

Spot removal, contrast and level adjustments, conversion to monochrome, color and saturation adjustments are allowed.  Focus stacking, HDR composites, stitched panoramas of the same scene are allowed.  Combining multiple exposures of a changing scene are not allowed.

Minor cloning to remove extraneous elements (trash, telephone wires, etc.) is allowed.  Cloning or other techniques that relocate, remove, or replace significant pictorial        elements are not allowed. Textures created by the photographer may not be added to the image.

All Other Themes

Do not have the above mentioned restrictions on post processing.  The only post processing rule that applies is the All Images Rule:  Images submitted to a competition must be taken by the person submitting the image.  Significant pictorial elements or textures added to an image must also be created by the person submitting the image.



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