Sep 18, 2019   Nature, Steps and stairs

Nature – Photographic images of outdoor scenes, wild animals, and plants. Human elements such as
people, and things constructed by humans or transformed by human activity (ie. buildings, fences,
plowed fields, an orderly planted garden) are not allowed for this competition. Post processing should
be simple (cropping, contrast, color, and leveling adjustments, conversion to monochrome, and spot
removal are all okay.) You may not add objects or textures to your original photograph

Steps and Stairs - These structures present us with fun features to photograph like symmetry,
patterns, and leading lines. As you hunt for stairs to shoot, be sure to vary your viewpoint. The most
unusual viewpoint my result in the most interesting image! Here’s a link to get your imagination rolling.
If you google photographing steps and stairs you will find lots more!

Oct 16, 2019   Geometry/geometric shapes Digital Art, Faces/portraits

Geometry/Geometric shapes Digital Art - Capturing geometry in your images can frequently boost the interest and excitement of your image. Check the link below about spicing up your photography with geometry.  The Digital Art designation means that you must transform you original photo with apps, filters, software of your choosing.  This process in an essential part of the creativity and presentation of your final image.

Faces/Portraits - Portraits usually refer to images taken of a person (or group of people) that show something about their personality.  I have expanded this theme to include portraits of animals.  See the link below that discusses the types of portrait photography.

Nov 20, 2019   Doors, Through the window
Jan 15, 2020   Abstracts, Peacefulness
Feb 19, 2020  Winter Digital Art, Interactions (between people, animals, or. . . you decide!)
Mar 18, 2020   Wild, vivid color!, Black & White
Apr 15, 2020   Silhouettes, City life
May 20, 2020   Town of Vienna, Reflections in water Digital Art

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