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June 2017

Dan ward speaking on astrophotography (7:30 PM EDT)
Vienna photographic society pesents Dan L. Ward Astrophotography June 7th 2017 Thoreau Middle School 7:30 p.m Please help me welcome Dan to the club. I understand he is a great speaker As an 11-year old, Dan L. Ward first took “close-up” photos of the moon by holding the family’s Brownie Hawkeye camera to the eyepiece of his Gilbert 3” reflector telescope. The results may have been less than spectacular, but were still sufficient to nurture a love of photography and astronomy that continues five decades later. While living in Arizona in the 1980s, he refined his film astrophotography skills. Several astronomy magazines published his comet, deep sky and planet photos. Several astronomy books used his images, including David Levy’s best seller, The Sky: A Users Guide. His techniques for imaging vibration reduction were cited in Peter Manly’s classic, The 20-cm Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope and Phil Harrington’s Star Ware (ed2). The demands of fatherhood for two daughters, plus career relocations prompted a 20-year hiatus from astronomical pursuits. Dan continued to refine his photographic techniques by pursuing nature and street photography and has been active in several Northern Virginia camera clubs including the Northern Virginia Photographic Society, the Loudoun Photo Club and the MITRE Photo Club. In preparation for the Great American Eclipse on August 21, 2017, Dan dusted off his telescope and cracked the books on recent innovations in solar, lunar, and eclipse astro-imaging techniques. Promoting a variety of safe filtering techniques, he encourages others to leverage his sometimes hard learned lessons as they prepare for the solar eclipse event of a lifetime in August. A small sampling of Dan’s astro images can be viewed within his astronomy gallery at http://danlward.imagekind.com/store/ delete
End of Year dinner (5:30; actual time TBD) (5:30 PM EDT)
Monthly Theme -EOY (6:00 PM EDT)
Monthly Theme 2016 delete
Open Digital - EOY-Advanced (6:00 PM EDT)
Open Digital- EOY-Novice (6:00 PM EDT)
EOY Judge Brian Zwit (6:00 PM EDT)
Brian J Zwit About 40 years ago, Brian discovered that photography provided a powerful means for expressing his vision of the world. Over the years, his love of the outdoors and photography as well as an aptitude for computer technology have morphed into a passion (some would say obsession) for capturing the elegance and majesty of the unique landscapes, wildlife, and flora of the United States. While the pursuit of nature takes him all over the country, he favors the west, northwest, northeast, and mid-Atlantic and, wherever he is, his love of hiking and backpacking takes him far beyond populated areas into settings which few people visit. Brian’s images are in private residences and corporate offices and have appeared in regional magazines such as Wonderful West Virginia. Corporate clients have also used his images for promotional and internal publications. Brian has been teaching workshops, field trips, and classes and speaking to camera clubs, schools, and other non-profits for over seven years. He recently reached a milestone: Brian taught Lightroom to his 500th student. Brian is well-known for his ability to distill complex topics to their essence and explain them in simple, easy to understand ways and he just completed his opus presentation on digital technology, Digital Tech: Concepts to Know if You are a Digital Photographer. Brian uses whatever camera and equipment will allow him to capture his vision for the subject in front of him. He generally uses Nikon cameras, Nikon and Sigma lenses, Induro tripods and ballheads, and all sorts of accessories. His favorite camera is the full-frame Nikon D800E and favorite lens is the Nikkor 85mm f/1.4. The D800, with its 36 megapixel sensor, makes printing BIG images easy and the 85mm, with its f/1.4 minimum f-stop, makes creamy backgrounds a foregone conclusion. However, when headed downtown or just around town, you are likely to see him with his Fujifilm XE-1, which is lighter to carry and easier to conceal delete
Patuxent Research Wildlife Refuge Photo Op and View Member's Photo Exhibit (9:00 AM EDT)
Casual (UNOFFICIAL) VPS photo hike outing at Patuxent National Wildlife Refuge, Laurel, MD, the sole wildlife research refuge in the United States.   https://www.fws.gov/refuge/Patuxent/ You can join all or some of the following activities there.  (1)   EXHIBIT: We'll see VPS member David Kepley’s photo exhibit as a group.  (Also, we'll check out the refuge's gift shop and its own exhibits, including information on the endangered whooping cranes they raise and study.) (2)   PHOTOGRAPHY: We'll photograph individually or as a group. Photo hikers can hike one or more miles on dirt and paved trails. Non-hikers can bring their tripods and photograph close to the visitor center.  The refuge is home to many critters, including egrets, great blue herons, nesting ospreys, snakes, etc. (3)   OPTIONAL TRAM: Participants' can take a free half-hour tram around the refuge at 11:30 a.m. (4)   LUNCH: Depending on participants' interests, we may eat a group picnic lunch. (5)   OPTIONAL BIRD FEEDERS: After our photo outing at the refuge's South Tract campus, some of us will drive about 9 miles north to the North Tract to photograph the hummingbird and songbird feeders. [IMPORTANT NOTES: (1) RAIN CANCELS FIELD TRIP so we don't damage our camera equipment. (2) VPS membership is required for official field trips.  Since VPS does not meet again until September, this is just an informal outing so friends and Meetup members can attend but all participants assume all liability themselves. ] delete

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