Monthly VPS Themes for 2021-2022


Sept. 15               Nature (Realistic)*



Oct. 20                 B&W

                              Paths, Roads, Trails*


Nov. 17                Birds*

                              Long Exposure


Jan. 19                 Abstracts (including in Nature)



Feb. 16                 Quality of Light



Mar. 16                Patterns*

                              Comparing 2 Opposites


April 20                Bokeh

                              Night Photography


May 18                 Town of Vienna (Realistic)*




*Themes with Realistic designation -  Images submitted to these themes require limited post processing so the realistic nature of the photo is enhanced/preserved:

Spot removal, contrast and level adjustments, conversion to monochrome, color and saturation adjustments are allowed.  Focus stacking, HDR composites, stitched panoramas of the same scene are allowed.  Combining multiple exposures of a changing scene are not allowed.

Minor cloning to remove extraneous elements (trash, telephone wires, etc.) is allowed.  Cloning or other techniques that add, relocate, remove, or replace significant pictorial elements are not allowed.  Techniques that add textures or other elements not appearing in the original scene may not be used.

All Other Themes

 Do not have the above mentioned restrictions on post processing.  The only post processing rule that applies is the All Images Rule:  Images submitted to a competition must be taken by the person submitting the image.  Significant pictorial elements or textures added to an image must also be created by the person submitting the image.

IMPORTANT REMINDER:  Realistic looking images can be submitted to any theme, to the Open Digital category, but not to the Digital Art Altered Reality category.  The post processing guidance for our competitions  is meant to give photographers flexibility to use more post processing if they want to.  It in no way forces anyone to use more post processing, and you are in no way at a disadvantage in competition if you don’t use it.  You should post process your image to give you the result you like best

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