PSA Interclub Competition Round 1 Results

Monday, December 9, 2019

PSA Open (Projected Image Division)

Round 1 was judged at Synergy in the United Kingdom. VPS scored 54 points placing 8th out of 26 clubs. Bill Mugg, Gloria Spellman and Kathrin Swoboda received honorable mentions.

"Spiral Staircase"                                   Kathleen Furey     9 points

"Casablanca Sunrise"                              Bill Mugg.          10   HM

"Laughing Cow"                                      Gary Perlow        7 

"The White Room"                                   Lori Saunders     8

"Dreamy Daisies"                                   Gloria Spellman   10   HM

"Ruby-throated Hummingbird"                Kathrin Swoboda  10   HM 


PSA Travel

Round 1 was judged at Norths Photographic Society in Sydney, Australia. VPS scored points placing 1st out of 4 clubs. Bill Mugg won honorable mention.

"Man from Old Fez"                                 Bill Mugg               11 points HM

"Six Bridges"                                          Gary Perlow           11

"Canadian Rockies by Midnight"                Glenn May             11

"A Double Rainbow at Oxbow Bend"        Wayne Wolferberger 10

"Dune Hike"                                          Lori Saunders           9

"Early Morning View"                              Paul Laurenza          9


PSA Nature

Round 1 was judged at Jiahue Elite Photography Association Club in Canada. VPS scored 53 points placing 14th out of 21 clubs. 

"Eye to Eye"                                            Gloria Spellman      11 points

"Ottowa Canyob"                                      Gary Perlow           10

"Puffins on Parade"                                   Bill Mugg                9

"Common Tern Courtship"                         Kathrin Swoboda     9

"Sunset Dunes"                                        Lori Saunders         8

"Lotus Bud with Vine"                               Kathleen Furey        7

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