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November 2018
November 2018
November 2018
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Nature Visions Photo Expo
Nature Visions Photo Expo
corey hilz macro photography (7:30 PM EST)
Corey Hilz is a professional photographer specializing in nature and travel photography. He approaches subjects with an artistic eye, looking for a fresh perspective. Corey is a published author and his work is seen in magazines, books and calendars, as well as in art galleries. Corey has a passion for helping others improve their photography by sharing his knowledge through group and private instruction. Find out more at
Monthly Theme - Cityscapes (7:30 PM EST)
Status: Closed Closed: Sunday, November 11, 2018 8:59 PM Competition Type: Monthly Theme 2016
Monthly Theme - Movement/Motion (7:30 PM EST)
Status: Closed Closed: Sunday, November 11, 2018 8:59 PM Competition Type: Monthly Theme 2016
Open Digital - November (7:30 PM EST)
Status: Closed Closed: Sunday, November 11, 2018 8:59 PM
Competition Judge: Jean-Pierre Ple (7:30 PM EST)
Jean Pierre Plé Jean-Pierre’s interest in photography goes back to the 1970s in conjunction with his desire to record a solo crossing of the United States by bicycle.  Influenced by Galen Rowell, his camera has since been an essential part of his gear whether sea kayaking in Alaska, trekking in Patagonia, or backpacking in West Virginia’s Monongahela National Forest.  His subjects have expanded from an original focus on nature and landscapes, to now also include abstracts, architecture, macro, contemplative, and street photography, almost anything where a strong visual and emotional message is formed by shapes, lines, or contrast in color or tones.  Jean-Pierre switched from film to digital about 5 years ago, and his last film experience was with a large format (4x5) camera.  He enjoyed large format because it forced him to slow down, to concentrate, and really think what he was trying to create (all the while looking at an image on the ground glass that was up-side down and reversed).  His most recent work is greatly influenced from working with Freeman Patterson, Joseph Miller, Joe Cameron, and Sam Abell, all of whom have helped him to improve his ability to “see” and to better incorporate principles visual design in his images. He is a member of the North Bethesda Camera Club.  His work has been part of numerous group exhibitions in the Washington, DC area, including the Washington Printmakers Gallery, Dupont Underground, Waverly Street Gallery, the Photoworks Gallery, PhotoWalk in Crystal City, Nature Visions, Lowe House of Delegates in Annapolis, Herndon ArtSpace, and Joe Miller’s annual abstract exhibits.
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