PSA Interclub Competitions 2021-2022: Nature and Open


Photographic Society of America (PSA) is an organization that offers photographic competitions and activities that span all continents, for both individuals and camera clubs. Vienna Photographic Society has been a PSA club member for many years. As such we can participate in the PSA Interclub Competitions, where clubs from all over the world compete against one another. Both club honors and individual awards can be achieved. 

This season VPS will participate in Open (aka Projected Image Division-PID) and Nature categories of the PSA Interclub Competition. All VPS members are encouraged to participate. There are 3 rounds of competition for each category and deadlines will appear on our club calendar. Entry is via the club website at VPS may only enter six images for each category and only 1 image from each photographer. To select which pictures to enter in the Open (or PID), members will vote for their favorite submissions. We will enter the pictures with the most votes into the competition. A panel of 3 judges will select the nature images from those entered that will move on to the PSA.

Deadlines for entering the competitions this year are: October 24, January 23 and March 20 for PSA Nature and Open.

IMPORTANT: PSA Nature is reality-based, meaning that nothing can be added or removed from the image (excluding sensor dust spots) except by cropping, and the image must appear natural. Nature images may not have any human elements within the image with rare exceptions. Human elements include buildings, fences, roads, cultivated/ hybrid plants, and domesticated animals.

Image size has increased to 1400px x 1050px.

Gloria Spellman, PSA Rep. for VPS


George W. Glennie Memorial Nature Salon


Vienna Photographic Society will again participate in the Glennies, an “international all-nature club competition of digital images known for its diversity of subjects which range from animals to botany to landscapes.  In the animal categories, birds and mammals are usually well represented, but each year about a third of the entries are invertebrates, reptiles, amphibians or marine & freshwater life.” The PSA nature rules will apply. Each club can enter only 10 images with no more than 2 by each maker. Entry will open in mid-January at

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