Results PSA Open #1 2018-2019

Friday, December 7, 2018


The PSA Open (Projected Image Division) interclub competition was judged by Digital Darkroom in Monee, Illinois. Images by Sharon Connolly, Kathleen Furey, Alana Glaves, Gary Perlow, Gloria Spellman and Kathrin Swoboda represented VPS scoring 67 points for 4th place overall with multiple ties. Congratulations go to Gloria Spellman for an Award of Merit for "Hyacinth" and Kathrin Swoboda for a Honorable Mention for "Hummingbird at Pink Flower". Gloria's image will be published on the PSA website in the near future.

"Stamens in Globe" by Sharon Connolly.  11 points

"Ballerina" by Kathleen Furey.   11 points

"Ladybug in Japanese Maple Bud" by Alana Glaves.  9 points

"Witness" by Gary Perlow.  11 points

"Hyacinth" by Gloria Spellman.  12 points Award

"Hummingbird at Pink Flower" by Kathrin Swoboda.  13 points HM

The slideshow may be viewed here: /g/8d8d2773-bbdb-40a3-a68f-cf364e67cfeb.

Kathrin Swoboda, PSA Rep.


Results PSA Nature Round 1 2018-2019

Thursday, November 15, 2018


Judging of the first round of the PSA nature interclub competition took place at the Delaware Photographic Society. Images by Patricia Deege, Kathleen Furey, Bill Mugg and Kathrin Swoboda represented Vienna Photographic Society which placed 5th in the competition out of 40 clubs with multiple ties. Kathrin Swoboda won 2 awards and can be viewed here on the PSA website.

Bluebird Courtship~Kathrin~Swoboda 15 Award

Wait for Me~Kathrin~Swoboda 14 Award

Angry Puffin~Bill~Mugg 9 

Harbor Seal~Patricia~Deege 9 

Lotus with Leaf~Kathleen~Furey 8 

Swan Lake~Kathleen~Furey 8

Total 63 points 5th place
The judges reported:  "Please remember that strong nature stories usually score higher. Also, although not a reason for DQ, most judges see frames as a distraction and are usually scored lower.
PSA Nature round 2 entry period starts December 5 and closes December 16.
Slideshow of PSA nature round 1 images here: /g/941f03a4-3591-422c-92ef-b1800c8a1bfd

Kathrin Swoboda, PSA rep

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